45+ Latest Bridal Makeup tips and trends for Indian bride

45+ Latest Bridal Makeup tips and trends for Indian bride

If you ever sat down to read the diary of a bride, I bet the major part would be about her bridal look. A lot goes into the planning of Bridal Makeup. Amidst all the confusion and chaos you cannot afford to give the essentials a miss. So..here we are with the perfect makeup tips and beauty plan that you only need to execute and not create! – Latest Bridal Makeup tips

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1) Play Safe: Wedding Makeup is of utter importance and one should even think of going experimental! If you wish to undergo a makeover like getting your hair smoothened, curly or coloring, think twice. The idea is not to look distinct but yourself, with a just a little bit of enhancements.

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2) Effects of Nature: Climate plays an important role for you and you should definitely consider it before selecting the kind of makeup you are planning to get.

3) R & D: Research thoroughly about the makeup you have chosen, you must consider the sensitivity of our skin. If it is prone to acne and pimples, you can go for mineral makeup else Air Brush makeup is the most trending one and gives you a flawless look! 

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4) No Basic Instinct: You cannot just rely on your instinct and go ahead with the kind of makeup you had imagined. Instead a reality check is a must, you must rehearse the look before actually getting it done on the D-Day.

5) Locale: The venue location too must be considered before selecting the right kind of bridal makeup, if you are planning a wedding at a lawn make sure you moisturise well. Use of sunscreen is a must at a day time wedding, if not then it can be skipped.

6) Mood and Lighting: You must also consider the lights in mind, adding too much of shimmer under yellow lights can be disastrous while you can go an inch extra if you have white lights around.

7) Shimmy Shimmy: Your bridal makeup style should match your attires, for pastel lehenga shades you must keep away from smoky eyes and go for nudes and shimmers instead. So make sure you pack your makeup kit accordingly.

8) Dream Theme: Theme weddings are in and if you happen to plan one then your makeup kit should also have shades matching to the theme.

9) Creative Hand: Hiring a wedding makeup artist is always suggested. So, you can always check their availability well in advance. Check out the top bridal makeup artists in Mumbai & Delhi

10) Who to Hire: It is important to know your makeup artist well and have a thorough research about his / her work. You must always ask for the snaps of their work before selecting them and see if they can give a trial as well.

11) Handy References: Keep references in hand. You might want to show a clear image of your imagination to the wedding makeup artist and hence having the reference snaps handy always works!

12) Time Management: Do not underestimate bridal makeup. A complete bridal makeup can take hours before the final touch. So you should plan your day accordingly. Most brides start early in the morning to make sure they are ready by the event timing.

13) Treat your skin well: There are special beauty treatments for brides that give an extra edge to your makeup on the special day.

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14) Testing is important: The last thing you would want to have on your D day would be allergies. You must test the makeup products on your skin well in advance.

15) Health is wealth: Follow a makeup routine well in advance so that your skin is at its healthy best on the D-Day!

16) Beauty Sleep: Nothing helps your skin better than sleep. A good night’s sleep shows instantly on your face and to ensure a glowing skin you must take care about your skin routine.

17) Exercise and Accessorise: Believe it or not exercise does only good to your health which in turn shows on your face. Therefore, you must exercise not only to tone down but also look good!

18) You are what you eat: if you eat healthy it will help you skin in many ways. Not only does it help in having a glowing skin but it also helps your skin fight the chemicals

19) Skip the sun: One thing that the bride-to-be should follow religiously is applying a sunscreen or for best results one can simply avoid going out in the sun one week prior to the D-Day!

20) SPF factor: If you are planning a daytime wedding makeup, you must invest in a good sunscreen. For night wedding makeup, you can avoid the usage of sunscreen as it messes up with the shade of your foundation.

21) Cleansing: Cleansing is a must for fresh skin, and you must never sleep without a face wash.

22) Toning: Toners are a must after cleaning, it shrinks your pores that are wide open after cleansing. It will also help with an even finish and get rid of the excess oil due to open pores.

23) Moisturising: It has oodles of good effect on your skin and reduces the effect of ageing as well. It will help you get rid of those fine lines around the eyes, if any.

24) Brush strokes: For people who would want to take the matter in their own hands. They must start with cleaning their brushes well. While it is important for every session the bridal makeup is of high importance.

25) Know your stuff: You must know the brushes well. The right combination of makeup brushes gets half your job done.

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