Ladies Sangeet Sandhya Ideas

17 Tips to Make Ladies Sangeet Sandhya Ideas Heartwarming Evening

Ladies Sangeet Sandhya Ideas

Dhamekaar music, joyful faces, colorful dresses make everybody tap their feet and enjoy. It is the favorite and the most interesting pre-wedding function of any age. Few inputs mentioned here can make your Sangeet program more dhamakedaar and majedaar:

1. Perfect time span: 

This event should not be very long or short. A proper time duration should be decided based upon your theme and performances. It should be wonderful and entertaining. Decide the total time and allot the time for each performance.

Ladies Sangeet Sandhya Ideas

2. Not necessary to be perfect performer:

This is a tip especially for bride and groom, family and close relatives. Don’t feel shy if you are not a good performer. Only masti and inner happiness are imperative to makes you and other people enjoy.


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3. It is good to tease but not hurt anybody:

Teasing by Bollywood songs and skit are fine but keep in mind that your words, acts, and songs will not hurt anybody present there.

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4. Involve everybody: 

Involve everybody either in dance, skit, poem, etc. Let your sangeet ceremony be memorable to everybody. The performance of the kids is really very entertaining. Also, make every guest as a part of your sangeet program. Encourage them to dance and enjoy. Don’t forget to involve older members of the family. Their blessings will be shown in their performances and everybody will appreciate it.

ladies sangeet ideas
sangeet,involve everyone
ladies sangeet ideas

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5. Decide the ladies sangeet theme (Colour Theme, Theme clothing, and other Theme ideas):

 Decide any theme for the wedding. It can be based on a colour theme like red, blue, etc., theme clothing like Lahenga for females and coat suit for males, other themes like Rajasthani, Bollywood, etc.

ladies sangeet ideas
ladies sangeet ideas

6. Video Magic:

Videos have the power of magic. See how:
A. Family video: 

Make an emotional plus funny video of your family talking about the bride and groom and best moments spent with them and surprise them by playing it on the Sangeet ceremony. Sounds interesting?

B. Photographs of bride and groom and their videos:

 Make a video of photographs of the bride and groom, their childhood, their memorable moments, photographs of their courtship period. Include some magical words in it.

C. Videos of the songs from movie:

Let your dancing songs may play on the backside in videos form from the movies.

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7. Professionals for sangeet including choreographer:

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Hire wedding planners to arrange all your aspects of Ladies Sangeet or you can only arrange choreographer or anchor, as per your need.

ladies sangeet ideas
ladies sangeet ideas

8. Dynamic anchoring:

Anchoring is the best way to present and entertain the guests. Include some memories, fun, poems and shayaris to make the function more joyful. Anchoring can also represent acting of some characters of movie, serial, cartoons and famous personalities. This is the new idea to entertain the audience.

A Sangeet Sandhya introduction is a great way to kick off the celebrations. The Sangeet function is usually the first pre-wedding function that brings all friends and family, from far and wide, together to celebrate the wedding. Relatives, cousins, friends, colleagues and even the couple itself looks forward to the Sangeet ceremony as an opportunity to let loose, dance the night away, meet people and let the fun and celebrations begin. The Sangeet Sandhya introduction gets everyone into the groove, makes it easier for people to know who’s who and makes sure the night goes just as planned. A Sangeet Sandhya introduction script can range from formal, informal, funny to just crazy. The kind of Sangeet Sandhya introduction you want to include will depend on how big the function is, who is attending and of course how formal you want to keep it. But nonetheless, a Sangeet Sandhya introduction is definitely the right foot to start on and make sure that everyone is in for a great time. Here are 3 Sangeet Sandhya introduction scripts, based on the scale and formality of the occasion: 1. A Formal Large Scale Sangeet Ceremony

9. First dance with romance and excitement:

Your first is very special to both of you as well as to everybody present over there. Choose a romantic song or you can make a medley of songs. Create memorable moments for both of you and make everybody happy to see your love.

Family Sangeet Ceremony

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10. For different culture bride and groom:

If the bride and groom belong to the different cultures, respect each other’s culture. You can wear outfits of each other and also dance on the songs belong to each other. Steal the idea from Chotu’s marriage in Diya Aur bhati hum.

Couple dance ladies sangeet ideas

11. From childhood to old age:

Make your sangeet sandhya dramatic type based on a person’s life cycle. Select the songs for childhood, then dreams for the young generation, their love, then marriage, children, some fighting, romance and finally, love in old age.

ladies sangeet ideas
ladies sangeet ideas
ladies sangeet ideas
ladies sangeet ideas

12. Choose one actor/actress:

Each participant can choose the dancing and hit songs of their favorite actor/ actress and entertain the audience.

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13. Titles to family members and guests:

You can give titles and awards to the family members, relatives, and friends like” the funniest member of the family” and “Best Smiling face” etc. Give these titles written on beautiful greetings with a gift.

Image result for ladies sangeet games

14. Couple games and funny activities:

Include some funny activities for all. Also the couple games for enjoyment.

Image result for ladies sangeet games

15. Innovative photo items and sessions:

In the world of selfies, give the chance for people for fun photoshoot and post on social media.

16. Professional performers:

If your budget allows you, invite any celebrity or professional dancers and singers to perform and make your Sangeet Ceremony wonderful.

Image result for ladies sangeet selfies
professionl performers in ladies sangeet
ladies sangeet ideas

17. Family Hug 

Need not to say, this can be the magical and most adorable dance step of your ladies sangeet.

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