thin hair hairstyle ideas

7 Brilliant Thin Hair Hairstyle Ideas For Hair That Needs Volume!

Thin Hair Hairstyle Ideas – “Zyada damage toh nahi hoga baalon ko?” is my first question to the hairstylist every time I have to put up with the pain of getting a hair updo. I have always dreamt of having beautiful tresses but unfortunately have very thin hair. So we girls with thin hair have to think about a lot of things when it comes to getting the hair styled for any occasion. I agree the pain is worth it because the final product looks gorgeous and we just keep drooling over it wishing to have them that way forever. 

Anyway, coming to the best part, there are a lot of styles that may need minimum heat styling and those hair sprays. Since we know the feeling of having fine hair, we have put together a few hairstyles that will make you look chic with little to no damage to the hair.

1. Flowy Curls/Waves

Thin Hair Hairstyle Ideas

The un-tied wavy hair has the potential of adding a natural charm to your look. There are a lot of ways you can naturally make your hair wavy, there are many options available online. Want something more than the waves? Curl them! Using the heat styling curlers there are a lot of ways to add bounce and volume to your mane.

2. Timeless Sock Buns

Timeless Sock Buns - Hairstyle Ideas

Brides getting their tied up as buns is not just trendy but also almost like a tradition. A few embellishments like flowers or small pieces of jewellery adds a royal look to the same. Plus, the added benefits of not having to intervene with the hair every time.

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3. Pretty Puffs

Pretty Puffs - bridal hairstyle

They are game changers when it comes to styling! Though you need to be careful in selecting the correct shape and size of the puff. They are a great way to not make your thin stick to the scalp and make it look ample.

4.  Loose Braids

Loose Braids - bridal hairstyle
bridal hairstyle indian

They look the prettiest and cover the head fantastically! You can spice it up by making smaller loose braids picking from different sections which will finally form a part of the major loose braid. And yes, adornments are welcome.

5. The Indian Jooda or Bun

The Indian Jooda or Bun - bridal hairstyle
The Indian Jooda or Bun - bridal hairstyle

Just like the sock bun, these are also timeless and elegant. The jooda is not an unusual hairstyle especially when we’re talking Indian hairstyles. Roll up your hair at the back and make a stylish bun. You could add ornaments and gajra to this hairdo to make it more eye-catching!

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6. Crown Braid

indian bridal hairstyle

This simple yet chic style can be worn as is or can be combined with a bun or hair down style. There, you are good to go!

7. Twisted Floral Style

Don’t want your tresses falling into your face but still need the hair to be loose and voluminous? Why not put them together in a fancy updo? You can add some flowers to this style for the perfect pretty look. However, you’d need to use some hairspray to keep your hair and the adornments in place

I hope we could give you a  gist of styles you can do for your hair without damaging them!

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