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7+ Adorable Wedding Decor Ideas Using Fairy Lights

Wedding Decor Ideas – We all have heard, “best things come in small packages!” So today we are going to talk about something small but make a huge impact on the look of your D-day. Yes! We are talking about Fairy lights. There are multiple names to it but these dainty glittery elements literally uplift the mood and look of your special day.

These twinkling lights also add an extra oomph factor to the mood of the occasion. So let’s take a look at a few ways you can add that starry and magical appeal to your wedding.

1. Elegant Entrance

Adorable Wedding Decor Ideas

Mesmerize your guests as they enter your venue under the sky of millions of fairy lights. It leaves a lasting impression on your guests and gives them a cue to what to expect inside. I’m sure most of the guests will want to take a few selfies right at the entrance. Wink!

2. Twirling Trees

Twirling Trees

This is timeless in the Indian traditional decors. Ofcourse they look beautiful, however, little modification in the way they can be used can change the entire air! You can take inspiration from the pictures below to make the look fanciful.

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3. Majestic Mandap

 Majestic Mandap
 Majestic Mandap

How lovely would it be to take the pheras under the stars?! These lights can add the feel of actually being under the stars when used as to decorate the Mandap. Besides, you are just going to look the most beautiful under the radiance of these tiny lights. So, don’t hold back, use these lights as much as you like in decorating the mandap.

4. Peppy Prop

Peppy Prop
Peppy Prop

Whether it’s an antique frame or a fancy hand held sign or props hanging, a few lights around the area and if possible on the prop, will make an awe-inspiring difference!

5. Faraway backdrop

Faraway backdrop
Faraway backdrop

Look at the pictures above. Don’t you think they are stunning? Photographers can do magic with the right kind of backdrops and lighting and fairy lights are just the perfect way of doing it! You can ask your photographer to incorporate these lights and I’m sure the results will be hypnotic.

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6. Picturesque Photo booth

picturesque Photo booth

I’m sure we all have always visited the photo booth in any wedding that we attend to either click a selfie or a groupie. Be it your guests, your relatives or the bride and groom themselves, everyone has that one picture at the decorated booth. So, take inspiration! Make sure your photo booth stands out by decorating them with these starry little lights!

7. Sparkling Rooftop

Sparkling Rooftop

Imagine having a starry wedding venue. Thrilling isn’t it? I mean who doesn’t want to have an out of the world wedding amongst stars! We love the pictures above which clearly depicts how these lights can change the simplest place to a magnificent one!

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8. Dreamy Drapes

Dream of a whimsical and cozy fairyland wedding? Add these lights to the drapes to soften the effect. These are sure to uplift the entire vibe to a romantic one. You can even have themed weddings and use the drapes and lights accordingly.

I could go on and on about the ideas of using fairy lights but I’m sure you now have a gist of what we are talking about. So go on, plan your wedding or reception or birthday party or any other occasion with these lights and they are sure to make you a proud host!

( Note : Pictures Source Pinterest and Instagram Contact Us for Credit )

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