Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles

19 Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles For Your Dream Wedding Day

Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles – Every girl has an image in her head about the look she wants for each of her wedding functions as we all dream of being the prettiest bride. Hence, we have curated a list of fancy Indian bridal hairstyles which will give you the complete bride charm. One can carry them anytime be it or pre-wedding functions or the big day. Be a game-changer and make a statement on your wedding day while everybody turns their heads just to have a look at your wedding lehenga matching your bridal hairstyle. Find your ideal Indian Bridal Hairstyle to look flawless!

1. Senorita Bun

This is a fusion of an Indian and French bun, a simple sleek look from the front and a tightly braided bun at the back, beautifully accessorized with some roses at the sides giving it the look of the French senorita. This bun can opt for the wedding day itself if you don’t want that regular puffy bun, or else it can be apt for the other pre-wedding or post-wedding functions expressing a contemporary fusion of two bridal hairstyles, which will definitely stand out as one of the fancy wedding hairstyles. 

Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles

2. Side Swept Curls

Side swept curls are always trending,  you might not choose this one for the wedding day but can easily steal the charm in other pre and post wedding functions. The hair is side parted and half tied loosely with a side sweep and the loose hair left are styles into loose and voluminous curls. This bridal hairstyle is very fresh looking, and looks beautiful!

Side Swept Curls

3. The Flowery Bun

There’s no way you can miss out on this one as it’s the most popular Indian Bridal Hairstyle – it started trending huge after Anushka Sharma’s Wedding as a lot of girls went crazy about the same and opted this one for their wedding day. If you’re great at experimenting and got your hands on the right set of skills when it comes to trying new hairstyles then this bridal hairstyle is meant for you. 

Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles

4. Braided Bun

This braided side bun is all you need when you’re confused as it’s basic but looks super classy and sophisticated at the same time. The braid and bun eventually merge on the side giving your hairy a messy yet beautiful look. This Indian Bridal Hairstyle is different and unique – if you’re looking to try something new give this a shot.

 Braided Bun

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5. Accessorizing The Braid

There is nothing like going over-board when it comes to your wedding day. It’s one of those South bridal hairstyles, trending huge this season. It’s more about accessorizing flowers, hair accessories and patches stuck around the length of the braid, one can also add twisties to the braid to make the whole look more beautiful and stylish with the best bridal hairstyle that you can think of.

Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles

6. Loose Braids 

If you have long hair you can always go for a loose braid, and if you want to add a little volume and quirk to that braid then you can get your hair curled slightly. This Indian bridal hairstyle looks gorgeous in any kind of attire, you can always accessorize it according to your wish with some beautiful hair accessories to not make it look so simplistic.

Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles

7. Half Tied

In this bridal hairstyle half of the hair is tied at the back with some of the hair left loose. You can keep the front a little puffy to add volume and keep the loose hair its natural way, accessorize it with some hair accessory or flowers. Add a few twisties or braids which goes till the back of your head to give it a unique look. This Indian bridal hairstyle looks minimal but absolutely stunning!

Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles

8. Braided Loose Hair With Light Curls

Braid the front side of your hair till the back of your head and keep the other half of your hair all loose with slight curls for this stunning bridal hairstyle look. It’s one of those bridal hairstyles which is more suitable for pre-wedding functions as it’s quirky and simplistic – accessorize it with some pretty pins and hair wreaths for a complete look.

Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles

9. Twisties And Braids

If you like them both, Twisties And Braids then this Indian Bridal Hairstyle is all you need to go offbeat this wedding season. It looks a little puffy due to loose braids and slightly gives a look of the messy bun. You can take up this bridal hairstyle for the reception or the engagement. We are sure that every woman can rock in this bridal hairstyle. 

Best Bridal Indian Hairstyles