Couple Entry Ideas

10 Unique Couple Entry Ideas At Indian Wedding!

Couple Entry Ideas – It’s your wedding day and you’re looking fresh AF. We know you’re going to be stealing the spotlight anyway, but these dramatic wedding entry ideas, engagement entry ideas for the bride and groom really take it up a notch!  You can also incorporate them for your engagements when you are officially declared a couple!

Couple Entry Ideas – Let’s Start With the First Idea.

Light ‘em up: Have wedding guests hold up sparklers and walk under a shower of lights!

Couple Entry Ideas 2020
Couple Entry Ideas 2020

Ride in with your hubby-to-be on a motorcycle decorated to fit your Big Fat Indian Shaadi.

Couple Entry Ideas
Couple Entry Ideas 2020

A cycle-rickshaw works pretty well too as a unique wedding entry idea . Just make sure Mr. Right is willing to do the work!

indian wedding entry eventendor

This zorb ball wedding entry is too cool! Make use of this wedding couple entry idea at your wedding in a zorb ball and nobody will forget it.

zorb ball wedding entry eventendor
zorb ball wedding entryeventendor app

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This Couple made their bride-and-groom wedding entry in a golf cart! We love bride’s swag.

golf cart wedding entry eventendor

Ok all of that is cool, but how awesome is this wedding entry in an ATV?!  This is how you enter with a bang.

wedding entry in an ATV eventendor

Flower shower: Walk into your wedding under a shower of flower petals! I like this one. Sweet, simple and totally insta-worthy.

your wedding under a shower eventendor

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Enter cinderella style in a carriage, drawn by horsemen/horseman. Oh, and your Prince Charming by your side!

Enter cinderella style for wedding eventendor

Another carriage wedding entry, except a little fancier maybe?

indian wedding couple entry eventendor

Bike entry: Classic with the groom riding and bride at the back

Classic with the groom riding eventendor

Take it up a notch with the bride and groom each entering on their own bikes!

indian bridal and groom entry eventendor

And now, with the bride bringing the groom to his wedding! xD I love this bride.

eventendor bride groom entry

Hope you liked those!

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