10 Coolest Groom Entry Ideas For Your Baraat!

6. On a chariot with cold pyros:

Cold pyros make everything more interesting right? Instead of entering on a chariot, how about you entering on a chariot with cold pyros? It’ll be much cooler.

Cold pyro groom entry
Grrom entry latest trend

7. On an ATV:

Leading your baraat on an ATV?  Well brownie points to the one who came up with this idea! *Stunninggg*

Groom entry on ATV 2020

8. On a tractor:

Ummmmm on an effing tractor? Well as crazy as it might sound, it does make for a dhamakedar entry!

Groom entry on tractor 2020

9. On an auto-ish rickshaw:

Weather it’s a cycle or an auto rickshaw itself, these vehicles make for one quirky baraat entry!

grrom entry om rickshaw

10. In a helicopter:

Well, if you got the budget for it, then this entry is as dramatic as drama gets!

groom entry on helicopter

11.Under the flower-shower:

A rain of petals and flowers will bring the much-needed color and delight to your baraat!

Grrom entry in flower shower 2020

12. On a horse:

Well if you still want to enter on a ghodi to take your dulhania away, we say you better do it in style!

Groom entry on horse

So what’s your entry to the mandap gonna be like ?